CSR Policies and Approaches

CSR Policies and Approaches

The company is determined to advance its sugar and related businesses ethically and responsibly. Its commitment towards stakeholders, communities, society, and environments are detailed as follow:

Conducting business in accordance with business ethics and good governance

1.1 The Company emphasizes on conducting business with honesty, fairness, ethics and is determined to abide by laws, trade ethics and fair competition. The Company pays tax correctly and timely. The personnel at all levels are advised to perceive the importance of the corporate social responsibility.

1.2 The Company conducts its business pursuant to business ethics and corporate governance with responsibility to shareholders by respecting shareholders’ right, treating the shareholders equally, giving sufficient information with respect to investment decision or material change of the Company and does not disclose to any person the inside information which would cause damages or disadvantages to shareholders. The Company manages and provides remuneration to executives and directors with transparency and accountability. The financial and non-financial reports are disclosed correctly, completely and timely in accordance with the generally accepted standards.


The Company manages its business on the basis of transparency and ethics and complies with the policy and laws related to anti-corruption, bribery and inappropriate benefits to government officials or private sectors. The Company prescribes the organization structure by clearly dividing duties, responsibility, work process and line of command in each division in order to facilitate the balance of power and intra-audit. The Company provides the Manual on Anti-Corruption which compiles policies, ethics, regulations, rules and work processes for the directors, executives and staff to implement.

In 2014 the Company committed terms set by the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption group that seeks to deter all types of corruption activities within the private sector and was certified a three-year member of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC) on 9 March 2017.

Human Rights

The Company supports and respects human rights protection by treating all stakeholders including staff, communities and surrounding societies with respect to human values, equality and liberty. The Company does not violate basic human rights and does not discriminate against race, nationality, religion, language, skin colour, gender, age, education, physical condition or social status. The Company averts itself from involving in human right violation, e.g. child labour, forced labour and sexual harassment, etc. as well as promotes the compliance with human rights norms by arranging the venue for expression of opinions and channels for any injured persons due to alleged human right violation to file complaints and by providing appropriate remedies to the injured persons.

The Company provides training or disseminates information as to human rights and encourages its personnel to abide by human right principles.

Fair Treatment to Employees

The Company is well aware of the importance of human resource development and fair treatment to employees with the recognition that such matters would increase business value as well as promote competitive edge and sustainable growth of the Company. As such, policies and guidelines are prescribed as follows.

4.1 Respect to rights of employees pursuant to labour law and human rights principles.

4.2 Fair process of employment and employment conditions, including remuneration and promotion in accordance with fair evaluation.

4.3 Promotion of personnel development by providing training, seminar, workshop including assigning the personnel to relevant external seminar and workshops in order to develop their knowledge, ability, potential, attitudes, ethics and team work skill.

4.4 Providing welfare for the employees pursuant to the law, e.g., social security, provident fund etc. and additional to the law, e.g., health insurance, accident insurance, etc. including various funding, e.g. scholarship for employee’s children, funeral expenses, etc.

4.5 Providing annual medical check-up to employees of all levels by taking into account risk factors relating to ranking, age, gender and work environment of each individual employee.

4.6 Providing safe working condition and sanitary workplace by issuing measures for accident prevention, encouraging awareness of safety including training, promoting good health and taking good care of workplace to keep it safe and hygienic.

4.7 Opportunity for employees to express opinions or to file complaints in respect of unfair treatment or improper conduct within the Company including due protection to such reporting employees.

Responsibility to Customers

The Company is determined to develop products that meet the satisfaction and utmost benefits of customers and adheres to deal with customers with responsibility and honesty in accordance with the following policies.

5.1 The Company regards the quality and standard of the products as essential by focusing on high quality raw materials, production under good standard and regular improvement of product quality so that the customers shall get good quality and hygienic products with utmost satisfaction.

5.2 The Company regards product safety as essential and wants the customers to receive the products of quality and safety that matches relevant international standards and rules.

5.3 The Company respects fair marketing by providing customers the information relating to the products which is correct, undistorted, not vague or not overstated so that the customers get correct and sufficient information for making decision.

5.4 The Company provides customer relationship scheme to communicate with customers and to receive complaints regarding the products so as to respond to the customers’ need in due time.

5.5 The Company keeps confidential the customers’ information and does not use the information illegitimately.

Responsibility to Suppliers, Creditors and Competitors

The Company adheres to covenants that are fair to suppliers; abides by the prescribed anti-corruption measures; respect the rights in property or ownership of suppliers; not takes advantages over suppliers and promotes joint activities with suppliers in respect of corporate social responsibility.

The Company abides by agreements concluded with creditors. In the case that the Company cannot repay the debt as scheduled, the Company shall inform the creditor so as to solve the matter together.

The Company competes fairly in business and does not cheat, obstruct or do any act against fair competition which is prohibited by law.

Environment Protection

The Company emphasizes on caretaking of environment and avoidance of jeopardizing environment. The Company manages the manufacturing process to ensure that it strictly complies with the law relating to environment protection. The Company develops manufacturing process and selects materials which are nature and environment friendly; sets precautionary measures for any operation which contains risks relating to environment. The Company utilizes resources and energy efficiently by way of reduce-reuse-recycle as much as possible and manages the waste from production process responsibly.

Community and Social Development

The Company is well aware of its responsibility to community and society in order to foster the strength of community. The Company, therefore, has a policy to assist and develop the society by cooperating with communities around the operating areas in various activities, providing jobs to local people, disclosing any information that would have adverse impact on community and responding rapidly and efficiently to circumstances that affect community, society and environment resulting from the Company’s operation. The Company encourages its employees to build up responsibility to environment and society and cooperates with other groups or networks to develop the targeted communities each year.

Promotion of Innovation that responds to corporate social responsibility

The Company encourages its employees to create innovation which would respond to the above-mentioned corporate social responsibility policy, e.g. saving natural resource and energy, waste management, control of waste discharge, etc. Such innovation aimed to generate more efficiency or effectiveness may vary by different types, including novelty, improvement, adjustment, modification or alteration. The Company is willing to disseminate the innovation that would be useful to society and environment in appropriate ways.
Monitoring and Revision of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Company is aware of the importance of continuing business operation within the context of corporate social responsibility. Therefore, the Company shall monitor, evaluate and revise the current projects and shall consider future CSR projects with care on regular basis.

The Company renders a Sustainability Report within the framework of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) (Standard) by disclosing information at “core” level comprising economic, environmental , social  aspects. The report has been made a separate part in the Annual Report since 2016 and shows reporting topics and indicating units pursuant to GRI and also reports activities regarding corporate social responsibility in the previous year.

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