Role of Stakeholders

Role of Stakeholders

Rights of Shareholders

The Company abides by the Corporate Governance Policy and guidelines regarding shareholders and equal treatment to shareholders and prescribes consistent Business Ethics.

Rights of Employees

The Company commits to the importance of employees at all levels without discrimination on race, religion and gender. All employees are equal and are treated equally. The Company provides fair hiring conditions for the employees and undertakes appropriate policy and guidelines in respect of remuneration and welfare. Employees receive short term and long term remuneration such as salary and bonus pursuant to the employee’s performance evaluation and the Company’s operational result. The Company establishes a provident fund for employees’ living stability. Besides, the Company supports the development of knowledge and potential so as to make them ready for their work and organizational development and discloses average training hours, accident statistics, work stoppage time and sickness from work information (Details in the Sustainability Report).

Respect and Fair Treatment to Employee

Important principles of this matter include

1.Respect to privacy. Personal information shall not be disclosed to outsiders or irrelevant person except the disclosure is required by law

2.Equal treatment to all. Discrimination that causes deprivation of rights or benefits due to similarity or difference, e.g. physical condition, mind, race, nationality, religion , gender, age, education, status, etc., in any way shall be prohibited.

3.Respect to dignity, status or opinion.

Rights of Customers

The Company applies international quality control system, e.g., ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000, GMP, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, Bonsucro and good governance in environment etc. so as to create the utmost satisfaction to the customers in terms of quality and product standard, timely delivery and international standard service and strict confidentiality keeping. Besides, the Company provides customers with channels for complaints and recommendations as deemed appropriate by the customers. By average, the Company receives approximately 40-50 complaints and recommendations per year regarding the operation of 5 sugar factories.

Rights of Suppliers

The Suppliers hereby include, apart from contracting parties in sales and service of work, joint investors in some specific business. The Company acknowledges the legal rights and contractual rights pursuant to the joint investment by adhering to principles of honesty, equality and right to return of investment. The Company has the Corporate Governance Policy and guidelines regarding customers in the Chapter on Roles of Stakeholders saying that it supports fair and free competition, equality in doing business and mutual benefits, transparent and fair procurement. The Company prescribes the qualifications of the customers who are entitled to offer bidding as well as announces openly and equally to the rightful bidders of the complete information and conditions regarding the procurement. The Company keeps confidential the bidding prices from the suppliers and does not disclose to other bidders. The Company shall not demand any benefit from the suppliers in exchange of executing contracts with the Company as well as prescribes in the Business Ethics of such practices. As for the service of work in the Company’s sites, the Company provides safe working conditions for the contractors and emphasizes that the contractors must strictly abide by the Company’s rules of safety. Upon completion of the work, the Company has a process of transparent and fair acceptance of work and shall pay the contractors in due time. The Company through the procurement department communicates with the suppliers through various channels of important matters and provides channels for the suppliers to send their complaints or information. In 2019, sent letters to suppliers by informing them of the CG policies together with Anti-corruption policy. The central procurement unit requested all factories to extend anti-corruption policy to local suppliers so that acknowledgement of the information shall be as much as possible.

Rights of Creditors

The Company has the Corporate Governance Policy that shall abide by the agreement made with the creditors regarding the timely payment, appropriate use of financial service, providing and keeping collateral and other conditions such as correct financial reports for the use of credit analysis, debt-equity ratio. The Company has gained trust from the creditors through ethical operation and facilitates information for the understanding of the Company’s business through the Annual Report and the Annual Statement (Form 56-1) and the financial status through financial reports which are made and audited in accordance with the generally accepted standard. The Company prescribes these practices in the Business Ethics consistently.

Right of Competitors

The Company supports free and fair competition and also the Business Ethics that the personnel shall not do business by destroying or restraining the competitors with unlawful ways or apply any unlawful way to obtain the competitor’s information, In practice, the competitors are members in the same associations and regularly exchange information; therefore, there has been of unfair practice among them.

Rights of Community and Society

The Company adheres to sustainable development under the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and keeps complying with relevant laws and regulations. The Company encourages the stakeholders to attend activities or participate in community and social development and supports activities that develop quality of life and benefits of communities where the Company operates its business as well as builds up the employees’ conscience for community and social benefits. The Company also creates opportunities for communities and stakeholders to participate in the Company’s projects or events, including the sharing of opinions and suggestions or even complaints regarding the Company’s operation

Human Rights

The Company has the policy not to involve in human right violation by providing in the Corporate Governance Policy. The Company promotes and respects human rights as well as operates its business in line with the principles and intent of the United Nations Declaration on Human rights and other international agreements that Thailand is a party and shall not participate in any act that is against the human right principles. Each site of the Company’s group has express clear intent that the Company shall not use child labour and forced labour and shall make announcement through various channels to the communities.

Rights of Environment

The Company has the Corporate Governance Policy and guidelines regarding environment in the Chapter on Roles of Stakeholders saying that the Company uses natural resources and energy as necessary and supports the reuse and recycling of raw materials and waste in production process. The factory uses modern dust collector to prevent emission. The water treatment system is developed to ensure that the used water shall be clean enough for reuse or for discharge to natural source The Company has made a prototype of the so-call Submerged Aerated Fixed Film (SAF) to treat condensate water from ethanol production process at Boploy district, Kanchanaburi province. The policy and guidelines regarding safety and occupational health in workplace and policy regarding business operation under environmental standards are made know to the employees. The Company encourages the employees to utilize resource in an efficient and worthwhile manner and to always work with good care of safety and environment. The relevant employees undertake training in respect of environment. (Details described in the Sustainability Report).

Rights of Intellectual Property

The Company shall respect intellectual property rights and exercise due care not to cause accusation of risk of being accused of infringing intellectual property rights. Unfamiliarity of the relevant laws is a legal risk; therefore, the Company sets more details in the Business Ethics that the personnel have to respect intellectual property rights of others by not using any work or intellectual property of others without permission. In case of doubt of infringement, a unit must consult the legal department. If it appears that there might be an infringement, a concerned party should consult the legal department. The Business Ethics define the meaning of intellectual property in a broad sense including copyright, patent, trademark, supplier information, customer information, formulae or any matter which is regarded trade secret. So far, there were in-house consultancy that could prevent several unintentional infringements.

Right of Local administration / Government agencies

The Company abides by the laws which regulate the business and other relevant laws as enforced by local administration and central government agencies and cooperates with government units to develop the locality. The group of companies coordinates with the local government agencies to ensure that the companies correctly comply with the laws and regulations, e.g., coordination with municipality, provincial industry office, natural resources and environment office, underground water office, water resource office, irrigation office, regional revenue office, welfare and labour protection office, social security office, skill labour development office, etc. The group of companies regards as highly important the cooperation with local administration /government units that ask for support to help develop community around the operating areas of the companies, e.g. municipality, sub-district administration, hospital, district public health, school, police, etc.  as shown in the topic “Activities on Corporate Social Responsibilities”.

The Company always realizes the importance of all groups of stakeholders as mentioned. It also values all suggestions, opinions, and comments that enable development, improvement and correction of the corporate operations. All stakeholders can contact the Company’s management, the head of internal audit committee, the head of human resource department, or the chairman of audit committee to report improper incidents, complain, request for clarifications or correction, or make any suggestions via email. In the previous year, there was no wrongdoing reported to the Company. Details information regarding procedure to report wrongdoing is provided in the Company’s Corporate Governance Manual, under the heading Reporting misconduct, fraud, and non-compliance to Code of Business Ethics.

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